My name is Augie Ristow.  My home is Las Vegas, NV.  When people ask me what I like to do, I tell them that I like going to Vegas.  That always brings a smile.

God has put in my heart to be a Lutheran pastor and for the past ten years, to be in the specialized ministry of intentional interim.  I have been as far north as Washington State, as far east as Texas and as far south as southern California and for three years in Las Vegas. As I write, I am in suburban Phoenix, Arizona.

For years I searched for an answer to two questions.  “What is love?” and “What is God’s Love?”  The answers I found brought personal spiritual renewal to myself, to Christians and their churches in each of my six “interims.” The same can happen to you as you find God’s Love.

Just a little more about me – Victoria and I are blessed with five children.  Each of them make us proud to be their parents.  We have a twelve pound shitzu.  She goes by the name of Molly the Wonder Dog.  We have lived in Las Vegas for about ten years and find it to be a great place.

Understanding and feeling God’s Love in my heart has ignited a passion to speak about it.  If you or your church wish to hear what God’s says about His Love and the spiritual renewal it brings, my contact information is below.

You can also find out more about God’s Love in my books.  They are available for purchase on the homepage.  From my interim work I have developed

There is also Agape Plan for spiritual renewal in the church and Agape For You with leads to personal spiritual renewal.

This is how I always close when writing to my brothers and sisters in Christ-

In Him Who so loved us,

Pastor Augie